Algae Control Pond Block

Use 1 block per 1,000 liters of water

Draadalgen bestrijden? Maak heel eenvoudig uw vijver binnen 10 dagen (draad) algen vrij met behulp van het Pond Block. Het blok zorgt ervoor dat de algen in uw vijver sterven en u weer een heldere vijver krijgt.
Gebruik 1 blok per 1.000 liter water. Voor optimaal resultaat: combineer met Bacta Clear (vijverbacteriën). Pond Block verwijdert algen, Bacta Clear voorkomt ze en zorgt voor betere groei van waterplanten.


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Controlling Thread Algae with Pond Block

Pond Block consists of a biological binder that dissolves very gradually in your pond. When the algae come into contact with the released substance, they will die and sink to the bottom. As a result, the water will become clear again. Complete dissolution of your Pond Block takes several months, allowing the active ingredients to enter your pond water slowly and dosed. Evaporation of your pond water and/or rainfall will not reduce the effect of the Pond Block. Since algae grows throughout the year, the Pond Block can also be used in winter. For cleaning up the dead algae on the bottom, it is best to use Bacta Clear(pond bacteria).

Algae control agent Pond Block use

  • Use per 1000 liters of water 1 Pond Block.
  • In smaller ponds of less than 1000 liters is the use in proportion (eg ½ Pond Block on 500 liters of water);
  • Precise dosing is important for best results. The Pond Blocks are best scattered in the water, in small ponds in the middle;
  • Put the Pond Blocks not in the deepest part of the pond, by the lower water temperature there will be less algae growth;
  • Preferably do not place near a pump or fountain.
  • Pond Block is good to use in combination with Bacta Clear (pond bacteria).
  • If stored dry can remain good for years
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    CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility

    Van der Velde Waterplanten strives to achieve the 17 global goals. We believe that together we can make a difference. Cooperation is essential for progress. We are committed to helping people distanced from the labour market. We spare the environment by not using chemical pesticides, if necessary we use biological control. Plastic is avoided and recycled as much as possible. By following the developments in the field of packaging we have an increasing percentage of biodegradable packaging available.

    Sustainable MPS certified

    Acting honestly and openly, ensuring transparency, reliability and clarity. Ensuring a healthier and better world. This is what Van der Velde Waterplanten stands for. We would like to underline this with the MPS-Florimarkt TraceCert and Global G.A.P. GGN Floriculture certification we have obtained.

    Organic cultivation

    All of our plants are organically fertilized at the nursery and grown without pesticides. After this the plants are put into rest (hibernation). This means that the plants only start their growth process when they are placed in the pond.

    FSC paper and recycled plastic

    We strive to produce our products and packaging as co2 neutral as possible. We use PLA and PET plastic packaging and FSC certified paper.

    GoGreen Climate Neutral Shipping

    Through our partner DHL, we ship all our packages under the so-called GoGreen Climate Neutral service. With this service, DHL calculates the CO2 emissions per shipment and compensates them by investing in environmentally friendly projects.

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