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Oxygenating plants are a must for any pond! Sufficiently oxygenating underwater plants in the pond will keep you from needing a pump and filter. Oxygen plants filter the water and block the sun. This causes the water to heat up less which results in less algae. Oxygen plants also provide shelter for fish from impending danger. All our oxygen plants are hardy and are supplied from our own aquatic plant nursery with a 100% growth and flowering guarantee.

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Oxygen plants get their name from their function, because as you can guess, these underwater plants release oxygen into the water. Oxygenating plants are indispensable if you want to keep your pond clean and free from algae. The oxygen plants also have the function of filtering and purifying the water and thus remove harmful substances from the water. Through these important functions they contribute to keeping the water in the pond clear.

By placing oxygenated plants in the pond, you ensure that the sun has less chance to warm the water. As a result, algae can grow less quickly. Algae grow fastest in polluted and warm water. Want to know more about how best to build a pond? Then check out our page: All about building a pond.

Oxygen plants for a mini pond

For a mini pond or patio pond, we recommend buying the floating oxygen plant Hornleaf(Ceratophyllum demersum). Coarse hornwort, also known as spined hornwort or fine hornwort, will automatically find a spot in the pond to which it will attach. In small ponds the water temperature rises faster, making the placement of an oxygen plant necessary. This oxygen-rich plant can put its solar and filtering functions to good use here, thereby improving and balancing the water environment.

Oxygen plant in the pond for more oxygen

Oxygenating plants are a must for any pond. Oxygen releasing pond plants are tremendously important for a biologically balanced pond. Enough of these aquatic plants ensures clear pond water. When oxygen plants are placed in the pond, much more happens. Marine life, including fish, use the plants as hiding and breeding places. Wondering about the best oxygen plant choice for the pond? If so, choose the plant Crabbebrush(Stratiotes Aliodes), which provides shelter for aquatic life and makes the water nutrient-poor to fight filamentous algae. Other popular oxygen plants for the pond that release oxygen underwater are crabgrass and hornwort.

Oxygen plants for an aquarium

Waterweed(Elodea canadensis) is a coarse-leaved waterweed plant that does not proliferate. It is a fast-growing oxygen plant for the pond or aquarium. A fun fact and great advantage of waterweed is that you only have to buy it once. This is because waterweed pond plants are hardy. Waterweed can be pruned very easily by cutting the plant off at the bottom, but pruning is not necessary. As oxygen plants in an aquarium or oxygen plants in the fish bowl, a wildly popular plant is the Marimo moss ball(Chladoflora aegagropila) This particular oxygen plant can live as long as 100 years.

Underwater plants for the pond

Looking for ways to brighten up your pond and improve water quality? Underwater plants are the perfect addition to your pond! These plants not only have aesthetic value, but also play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy pond ecosystem. Underwater plants add color and texture to the pond and create a natural-looking environment for fish. But that's not all. These plants also help improve water quality by reducing the amount of algae and other undesirable substances in the water. They produce oxygen, which is essential for the survival of fish and other aquatic animals, and provide shelter and food for fish.

Which pond underwater plants to choose?

Choosing the right underwater plants for the pond can be a challenge, but there are many options available. There are plants that are suitable for both shallow and deep water, and there are plants that can tolerate different types of water conditions. Some popular underwater plants include the water lily, hornwort, spurge and waterweed. With the right underwater plants, you can create a beautiful and healthy pond that you can enjoy for many years to come!

Buying oxygen plants is easy online at Van der Velde Waterplanten. The plants are delivered fresh from our own nursery. With us you always get 100% growth and flowering guarantee.

Oxygen plants cost at Van der Velde Waterplants from 5 pieces € 14.95. What does waterweed cost? We have waterweed from 5 bunches for € 14.95. Special offer for waterweed is € 24.95 for 10 bunches.

It is commonly said that shiny pondweed is the best oxygen plant. Unfortunately, this plant does not do well in every pond. For this reason, we only recommend species that are hardy and grow and bloom well in every pond. According to Simon, the best species are: waterweed(Elodea densa), moss balls(Chladoflora aegagropila) and hornwort(Ceratophyllum demersum) A great additional advantage of these oxygen plants is that they can be introduced directly into the pond without planting.

The 8 best oxygen plants for the pond: 1. Waterweed(Elodea densa), 2. Hornleaf(Ceratophyllum demersum), 3. Crabbit(Stratiotes aloides) 4. Needlewort (Crassula recurva) 5. Moss balls(Chladoflora aegagropila), 6. Lidsteng(Hippuris vulgaris), 7. Eared featherweed(Myriophyllum brasiliensis), 8. Needle grass (Eleocharis acicularis).

The standard rule for oxygen plants is a minimum of 5 to 6 individual oxygen plants per 1000 liters of water (1 m3) and 1 pond basket of oxygen plants per square meter (1 m2). To get a biologically balanced and virtually maintenance free pond you need more than just oxygen plants. What you need all read here: Pond construction roadmap

Oxygen plants in the pond provide more oxygen and filter the water making it clearer. This ensures that the pond remains in balance. Oxygen plants alone are not sufficient for a clear pond. Learn all about aquatic plants and different types of ponds? Then read more at: types of ponds and tips.


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